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This page presents some results of cosmetic surgery with a photograph of the patient before and after the intervention. The results presented illustrate one particular intervention and is specific to that patient. Your case is may be different; each case is different. This illustration gives a simple information. Information on each intervention (conduct of the operation, the outcome of the operation, complications, etc…) can be found on our official website of the French society of plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

Video of a mammaplasty technique: Vertical Clamp

This page presents some results of reconstructive surgery to better inform you about reconstructive aspect and dimension of our specialty. The results presented illustrate a particular intervention, in a well-defined context and on a particular patient.
Images shown are hard to look but the accident, the mutilation or the amputation are even more difficult to accept, especially by the patient.
The plastic surgery before being aesthetic must be reconstructive.