This website is an information site only. Its purpose is to inform the patients. He does no advertising. All information is a substitute, under any circumstances, for a true consultation. This site does state that methods recognized and experienced by the vast majority of the medical profession. In accordance with the recommendations of the Medical Council, he hired the responsibility of its author, Dr. Patrick Knipper, surgeon in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.

Medical Council of Paris : https://www.conseil-national.medecin.fr/

When a patient asks himself questions about a cosmetic problems, he naturally seeks different solutions. In this case, he should simply talk to a doctor and especially to a professional of aesthetics. Only the plastic surgeon who knows the different techniques will be able to meet his demand by offering a tailored solution. A doctor who knows several techniques may propose a treatment that will be suitable for a particular patient. In contrast, the therapist who has only one technique will tend to adapt all patients to his unique technique.
When a patient has doubts, consultation is essential. Plastic surgery, and in addition in the case of aesthetic demand, two consultations are often necessary before a procedure. The information on this site is meant to help you to prepare in the best possible way your meeting with your surgeon. You can already read the files that we prepared on each intervention, with the French plastic surgery society, to give you the best information.

The consultation, in practice, at private office:

First consultation:

  • Analysis of the request of the patient, his motivation, etc.
  • Examination of medical and surgical history of the patient…
  • Clinical examination… with the “test of the mirror”… A diagnosis is mentioned…
  • Different solutions are offered; stating the advantages and the disadvantages or risks of each solution… Photographic media of patients operated with the photographs of  pre and postoperative patients, more often outlines intervention, postoperative outcomes, scars, etc…
  • A folder of information about the intervention proposed to support information is remitted (download the file on each intervention)
  • A time for reflection is highly recommended…

Second consultation:

  • A second consultation is proposed. It is during this consultation that the therapeutic decision is confirmed and again explained,
  • A proforma (concerning the cost of the intervention) and mutual consent (concerning information received) are given to the patient,
  • The practicalities are explained (place of intervention, appointment with the anaesthetist, hospitalization time, etc…).

Anaesthetist’s consultation:

Consultation with the anesthesiologist is recommended and mandatory before surgery. We advise you to take an appointment:

Centre Medical du Trocadero: 36 bis rue Nicolo, 75116 Paris / Tel:

Be aware that any intervention surgery is considered only after a long period of reflection on the part of the patient and that decision should be taken calmly and without precipitation.
The plastic surgeon must provide an accurate explanation of the conduct of intervention (type of anesthesia, presence and location of scars, pain after the intervention…) and  inform on the postoperative as well as on possible risks. Let us never forget that ‘zero risk’ does not exist (as in any surgical operation).